The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and News Local want to provide new work experience placements in 2018 and reward Australians who put their hand up and say “I Want To Work!”. Work experience is a critical pathway for young people to connect with people in the industry they are interested in and to make the contacts that they would otherwise have no chance of developing. There are so many talented, vibrant, enthusiastic young people out there and only a fraction have the family or school connections to get a job in the industry they want. Work experience gives those talented youngsters the chance to connect and shine and build a pathway to their future.


I Want Work Experience and Project Sydney have brought together a team of partners to help deliver thousands of jobs.


The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and News Local have partnered with I Want 2 Work to create an innovative Work Experience portal.

All you need to do is let us know a little bit about yourself so that Employers can see that you are motivated, capable and ready to gain Work Experience. Employers will be able to view your profile to make sure that you are a suitable fit for their business. The team at I Want 2 Work is also offering the opportunity to develop a professional resume and create your own unique profile which will let Employers know all about the skills and talents which you can offer.

Employers that are a part of the “Project Sydney” campaign will be using our Work Experience portal to find the next generation of talent that will become a part of their business.


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If you are eager for Work Experience or Internship opportunities, create your free account in a matter of minutes!

Answer A Few Questions

Next fill in your profile and answer a few questions about your current study and where you would like to work.

Secure An Internship Or Work Experience

Employers are looking to offer work experience opportunities to those who look suitable for their business!


For Work Experience

Businesses currently offering our students work experience opportunities



Would you like to be part of the Project Sydney campaign?

We’ve made it easy for you

Our innovative Work Experience Portal allows you to search for potential Work Experience placements by viewing simple candidate profiles. No more awkward Monday mornings where an underqualified (or under motivated) work experience candidate shows up at your office. A simple 5 minute search should find you a suitable Work Experience candidate for your business.

What do you mean I get to choose?

That’s right, you can search our database for the Work Experience candidates that will be appropriate for your business. Search by location, education and simple profile information to ensure that you can create a better synergy between your Work Experience candidate and your business.

Just send me a candidate!

Would you like to be a part of the program but don’t want to choose your own candidates?

Not a problem. We will arrange with your staff to place some Work Experience candidates for your business. Just register your details and we will make the arrangements for you.

Why should I do this?

We all had to start somewhere on our career paths, and somebody most likely helped you gain some Work Experience somewhere along the line. Not only is being a part of this program a great way to assist today’s youth to gain much needed Work Experience, it is also a fantastic opportunity for you as a business to identify and make contact with the future leaders of your organisation!


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Create your account in a matter of minutes.

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Next select your industry & work experience opportunities you have on offer.

Provide Students With Experience

View students eager to gain experience and get in contact!

I Want 2 Work is a partner of Project Sydney and I Want Work Experience. Rather than providing the resources for securing internships and work experience opportunities, I Want 2 Work focuses on jobs! An innovative online jobs portal that provides employers and job seekers with the resources to connect and get to work, they are not your regular job search site or recruitment company. I Want 2 Work is different. They like to think of themselves as professional matchmakers, whether it’s for a short-term contract or a lifelong career.

If you want to work, the portal is the perfect place to attract the attention of potential employers. You can establish a free profile in just a few minutes, get discovered and find work. No more time wasted on endless job applications – employers search for you and the skills you have to offer. It’s that easy. If you need talent fast, you’ve come to the right place. The team is certain that they can help your business save time, money and frustration by making the recruitment process easier. IW2W have ditched the old-school recruitment model and put employers back in control of finding the right employee, for the right job, at the right time.

I Want 2 Work is a breakthrough alternative to the tired old job search sites and traditional recruitment. With excellent customer service and a growing community of users, I Want 2 Work is the ideal way to discover your ideal candidate or career and get to work!



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